Stefanie Meier

Meier Stefanie
alternative practitioner – osteopath– physiotherapist


My guiding philosophy:

The sum is more than the numbers of its parts.
Stefanie Meier

My aim is to offer you a preferably, holistically treatment in the field of the Osteopathy.

I employ the Essential Impulses techniques from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) as for example Tuina Therapy and Ear Acupuncture as part of my therapeutic interventions..

Our services are charged according to the Non-Medical Practitioner's fee schedule. These fees are accepted by most of the private assurances or complementary insurances companies.

If you would like to make an appointment or need some further informations, please give us a call: Tel. 0931-666 88 21 or contact our reception Tel: 0931/66 19 67 or please use the contact form on this homepage.


My advanced training in this area of practice includes:
  • In 2001-2005 osteopathy educations – at the AVT college (Advanced training in Sciene of Osteopathy) under the direction of P.D. Dr. Matthias baker Ph. D.PT Modesto ULC California
  • In 2006-2008 non-medical practitioner's educations – in the Rhön academy in Schwarzenberg under the direction of Dr. Rolf Schneider
  • Tuina therapy – with Dirk Scharler in the occupational lecture Waldenburg
  • Ear acupuncture – with Jan Seeber in the Yase institute, Oldenburg

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